EMD for the LED Light Industry – Is it Still the Best Strategy to Take?

LED Lights are They Still the Future of Vehicle Lighting?

It is hard to say that LED Lights are done, but the way the North American market is saturated with lights it’s also not hard to see the writing on the wall.

As with most industries, it takes off strong and then it levels off. For the people who have built a strong brand and valuable brand, they’ll weather the storm and the rest will fade away.

For LED Light Bar, it may not have been the right timing. With purchasing a domain from Domain Name Sales, the strategy that Gary Davey took for his company was to use an EMD to sky rocket him to the top of the keyword LED Light Bar.

The long tail keyword of LED Light Bar gets close to 62,000 searches a month. That is a huge amount of traffic. The challenge is to get the website to rank against competitors who have been optimizing for this keyword for the last decade.

It is said that an EMD only requires half the back link profile of a non-EMD site to successfully rank for that keyword. With Google preventing people from just grabbing domains with high traffic keywords, placing a site on the domain and then ranking for the keyword is no longer a successful strategy. Instead, like everyone else, you may have a small advantage of having the EMD, it is important to know that it is only a PORTION of your score.

EMD’s are no longer as valuable as what people htoght before. Now EMD’s apparently help, LED Light Bar still needs to see some success before this happens but it is at least a start.

With the advent of the new TLD’s there are more long tail keywords than before available to the people looking for those domains. The key is to build a fast, quality site that provides value to the consumer. Then the site will rank.

The days of build it (EMD) and they will come are over. Now it’s more important to build a strong site with quality content and valuable back links than to own an EMD.

Don’t pay huge dollars for a domain. Pay a little bit for a decent domain and then work it to death. Or better put, work it into life. Then you’ll see the value that can come from a well built, well designed, highly SEO’d and content driven site can bring.

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