Well Built Plans – Not Your Average Financial Advisor

Well Built Plans – Not Your Average Financial Advisor

When we started working with Rhys Martell we realized that we were not working with an average financial advisor. We realized that we needed better ways to manage our finances and we need to find someone we could trust. Queue Well Built Plans.

Not only did Rhys find ways for us to properly address our finances but he also helped us create a strong HSA account. It’s a simple way to build our medical expenses into our business as a way to help our employees.

With all that said, here’s an article Rhys published on his website, Well Built Plans.

Way back when I was putting myself through university I worked for a well-known restaurant serving tables. I really enjoyed it actually. And I learned a couple of very important things. If you do great work and treat people well, they’ll keep coming back. And that’s pretty much true no matter what you do. Whether you’re a server, a mechanic, a dentist, or a financial advisor.

After I graduated university I joined a big name-brand firm and I spent nearly a decade with them. I learned a lot. And I’m grateful for that. But in the later years, I really started to realize that I had a decision to make. Did I want to work for a corporation and its best interests? Or did I want to work for my clients and their best interests?

Once I’d put it into those terms—there wasn’t anything left to think about. The answer was obvious. I don’t care about corporate agendas. Nor do I care about corporate profits. I care about my clients, the people I sit across the table from. They are the ones I answer to.

That’s why I became an independent advisor. So I could put all of my effort and energy into working for the people I actually care about.

And that’s exactly how I structure my practice. I pay really close attention to my clients. I find out what they need and what they’re going to need, and then I give them their best options and let them choose. And since I have access to nearly every financial institution in Canada, the options really are quite good.

So if you’re old-fashioned, like me, and still appreciate great things like great quality, attention to detail, being kept in the loop, and being treated like you actually matter, then you might want to get in touch with me. Who knows? We might make a really great fit.

I hope you enjoyed Rhys’ article and if you did, please feel free to share.

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